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Hey, Stranger!

We see you came looking here to know more about us. Hmmm, where do we start?

So, about a year ago we were just three normal guys living normal lives and trying normal ways to meet new people because we are HUGE fans of humans. Took us a lot of trying out, being judged when trying to start a conversation with a stranger, overpriced drinks and a lot of frustration to realize that it’s hard to meet genuine new people in India. On top of that, there was no place that made meeting new people fun & safe at the same time without burning a hole in the pocket.

That led us to throw an impromptu house party at our place for friends & friends of friends (can’t explain how enthusiastically we prepared for the party). We just made sure the guests are known & trusted by [at least] one of us. About 15-17 people turned up and we partied till 6 am. The experience was so amazing that we got some friends from the party who wanted to host the same scene including their friends.

This went on for 3-4 weeks and by our 5th party, we started getting requests from random strangers asking how can they join us. That’s when we thought that this is such a crazy thing that more people should experience it. We honestly want everyone in the world to try one of our parties once and see how different it is from the boring and monotonous options of going out.

Fast forward to today, we’ve helped more than 2500 strangers in meeting someone new. People have made friends in the new city they moved to, found their next coffee dates, got jobs, business partners and met new people with same interests.
We’re all about people. If you try us out, we will always try to help you meet some interesting people who you can have real conversations and fun with.

Technology and social networks are fine, but life is more than stickies and swipes. It’s about meeting someone new, about dancing to your favourite songs with someone who loves it as much as you do, about singing your favourite songs with your best friend, about the random conversation you have with someone in the balcony while smoking (ahem! ahem!) a cigarette, about the fun drinking game you win with your team of strangers and about so many more things that happen out there in the real world - away from a screen, away from the fakeness of posting “your best version” on social media, and away from judgement.

While we’ve grown so much in the past year, we’re still 3 guys who’re always super excited to meet new hoomans. Meet us and a bunch of other people at a party soon - it’s super safe, super fun and worth it.

Feel free to reach us out on [email protected] to say Hi!

Bear Hugs!
Somvir, Suyash, and Sidharth

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